1. 2021
    Fever Dreams
    director, writer
    Series of videos promoting premium playing car brand Fontaine's "Fever Dreams" collection of playing cards.
  2. 2022
    Fontaine 5000s
    director, writer
    Series of short videos for premium card company Fontaine promoting their “5000s” set.
  3. 2021
    director, writer, producer
    Short Film promoting the Brain Dead x Gotcha capsule collection.
  4. 2020
    director, writer
    A Silicone Valley mega-corporation beta tests it's first genetically engineered employee.

    Available now on MAX.
  5. 2018
    Jerry Paper - My God
    director, writer
    Music video for Jerry Paper's "My God," off the album "Like a Baby." Commissioned by Stones Throw Records.
  6. 2021
    animator, director, writer, producer
    It is 2026. New York City is under 600 feet of water, famine & radiation have transformed the human race into a mutant species of trash eating freaks known as S.L.U.G.Z. Comissioned by Brain Dead & Illumination.